Flogas Avonmouth Conversion

As part of the UK Governments’ Clean Growth Strategy, the Flogas LNG facility in Bristol, UK, is being converted to a bio-ready LPG facility. BioLPG is a chemically identical renewable alternative to LPG and will facilitate the transition of off-grid homes and businesses from high carbon fossil fuels to low carbon alternatives. 

TGE GmbH was awarded the contract to convert the existing facility in Avonmouth and LFF Glamal was subsequently chosen to supply the piping package from our warehouse facility in Caerphilly, South Wales. Material was supplied on a call off basis over the course of 1 year, during which, we were able to utilise our in house machine shop, modifying semi-finished components, to meet project schedule and specification requirements.

To meet the project's stringent material requirements, additional CVN impact testing was completed by our chosen independent ISO 17025 accredited laboratory as well as additional non-destructive testing in house.

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