An efficient supply chain requires the optimum integration of ERP systems. LFF runs a very comprehensive network incorporating a B2B module enabling the receipt and transmittal of electronic data. Our B2B platform is extremely flexible and allows us to adapt to the various methods and degrees of integration that our clients and suppliers require. Easy import and export via ODBC links is available, our systems are also XML compatible and can accommodate all EDI standards e.g. X12, EDIFACT and GS1. 

LFF’s login protected online portal allows us to publish any document contained within our system e.g. test certification. Authorised users can access data on a PC or Tablet, in an office or at site making retrieval of key data a simple task. All LFF Group companies utilise the same B2B platform, simplifying data sharing and reducing transaction costs whilst eliminating errors and increasing efficiency. We are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our business and will continue to ensure that we invest in new system integration opportunities as they become available.