Iona Gas Plant Expansion

The Iona Gas Plant is a natural gas processing and underground storage facility at Waarre near Port Campbell in the Australian state of Victoria. The facility is owned by Lochard Energy and is on the site of the Iona Gas Field which was discovered in 1988. When the natural gas was depleted, the underground reservoir was converted for storage of processed gas. It receives and processes gas from gas wells in the offshore Casino Gas Field of the Otway Basin. Gas from the Iona Gas Plant can be sent to Adelaide in South Australia via the SEAGas pipeline and to Melbourne via the South West Pipeline.

The expansion project will assist the facility in lifting output capability and avoid shortages to consumers during peak demand. Our extensive expertise and experience in sourcing and delivering to multiple fabrication locations across Victoria and South Australia contributed to LFF Brisbane being chosen to supply the carbon and low temperature carbon steel piping package for this project.

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