• Added Value

    LFF provides added value to the supply chain. Commercially our consolidated group spend provides cost savings to our customers. Our very highly qualified engineering staff can provide technical solutions and our experienced project management teams, supported by the long term relationships with our key suppliers, ensure on time contract execution and thereby reduced costs for our clients.

    Added Value

  • Influence with World Class Manufacturers

    By consolidating our Group spend with selected best in class manufacturers LFF maximises its purchasing leverage. This long term strategy combined with our straight forward approach to business has allowed us to forge enduring relationships with our supply chain. These strong relationships enable us to have significant influence with our manufactures and thereby enhance our service levels.

    Influence with World Class Manufacturers

  • Communication

    Regular communication and visits to our manufacturers ensures LFF has access to the latest production schedule and order status. This ensures LFF can keep clients fully informed with order progress at all times.


  • Commodity Consolidation

    LFF’s excellent project management, storage and logistical capabilities allow us to manage a client’s complete PFF and Valve requirement. This provides a significant reduction in purchasing, expediting and inspection man-hours, thus reducing costs to our clients.

    Commodity Consolidation

  • Experience

    40+ years of successfully executing projects and dealing with best in class manufacturers has allowed LFF to become an industry recognised leader in every aspect of the supply chain process.


  • Integration

    LFF recognises that the efficient integration of the supply chain is an essential foundation of successful project execution. Whether it is via LFF staff working as part of an integrated team at a client’s facility, or by B2B computer links, LFF supports optimum integration with its clients and suppliers.


  • Collaboration

    Collaboration is an important part of developing long term relationships within the supply chain. By working together greater efficiencies can be gained which are of real benefit to all participants.


  • Information

    LFF recognises that supplying accurate data to our clients in the agreed format and at the agreed time is essential throughout the term of an order. This applies from the receipt of an invitation to tender through to the delivery of the final data dossier. Our systems are extremely flexible and have been adapted to enable us to easily import and export data via all available electronic methods.


  • Planning

    LFF develops an execution plan for all project and MRO contracts to ensure that we comply fully with our client’s requirements. Our contracts vary enormously from small ex stock requirements to multimillion dollar projects with numerous sub contractors and multi site destinations. We are experienced at planning for all eventualities.