Orbost Gas Plant

The Orbost Gas Processing Plant (OGPU) is located approximately 375 kilometres east of Melbourne on the Victorian east coast, Australia. APA acquired the facility in 2017, along with the export pipeline to the Eastern Gas Pipeline connection. The agreement provided for APA to own, upgrade, and operate the plant to process raw gas from the Sole gas field, currently being developed by Cooper Energy, and its adjacent Manta gas field. The upgraded Orbost Gas Plant has the capacity to deliver up to 68 terajoules of natural gas per day into the East Coast Gas Grid, which is equivalent to approximately 12 per cent of current Victorian demand.

LFF Brisbane worked closely with APA during the early stages of design to identify and select suitable mill sources for all materials, including carbon, low temperature carbon and stainless steel piping packages. Throughout manufacture, LFF Brisbane conducted additional verification testing both at the mill and on receipt within Australia before going on to manage the distribution of material to multiple fabrication locations along the East Coast.

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