Otway Nearshore Phase 2 Pipelines

The Enterprise Project is a program to develop additional offshore natural gas reservoirs in the Victorian Otway Basin, Australia. The potential reservoirs are located offshore, up to 3 nautical miles (5.55 km) from the coastline, while the well site will be located onshore near Port Campbell. The pipeline will carry the raw natural gas from the Enterprise site for processing at the Otway Gas Plant and help ensure the continued supply of natural gas to the Australian domestic market.

LFF Pipeline and Infrastructure was chosen to supply 11 km of API 5L X65M PSL2 HFW line pipe with an outside diameter of 219.1mm and wall thickness of 9.53mm complete with 700uM Dual layer FBE external coating. In addition, we also supplied the 11 km API 5L X60 PSL2 Mono-Ethylene Glyco (MEG) Pipeline with an outside diameter of 60.3mm and wall thickness of 5.54mm complete with with 1950uM 3LPE external coating. Delivery of the pipe was to the Beach Heystbury laydown site and included a full pipe inspection during unloading by our NACE coating inspector.

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