Import Ethane Line

Having secured a US shale gas deal - SABIC UK will be importing ethane to Teesside to secure the future of its world-class Cracker at Wilton International site. Ethane, a bi-product of shale gas, is a cost effective alternative to naphtha - the raw material SABIC currently uses to produce the chemical building blocks for everyday items from toothbrushes to TVs and car parts. Gas will be transported from the US to Teesside in the UK on large ships. A 10km 8” Stainless Steel pipeline to transport the gas from the terminal at North Tees to the Cracker on Wilton was supplied by LFF Glamal who supported the project during feed and design stage. European materials were sourced and delivered on time by LFF Glamal’s Wynyard office to meet the Project schedule.

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