Vivergo Regeneration

Vivergo Fuels facility in Hull (UK) was a major producer of bio-ethanol until 2018 when it stopped operation, in part, due to uncertainty in demand. With the UK Government's mandate to use E10 petrol, which contains up to 10% bio-ethanol, conditions have improved and the plant will resume operations early 2022. Use of E10 petrol across the country will cut UK CO2 emissions by up to 750,000 tonnes per year and bolster the British bio-ethanol industry.

LFF Glamal was chosen to supply all piping materials to the project, included 0.5 to 48" 304 stainless steel and 0.5 to 20" carbon steel pipe, fittings and flanges. After being awarded the contract, the material was held for Vivergo fuels in our warehouse until a fabricator was nominated. After the fabricator was appointed we worked closely with the project, delivering materials between the two fabrication facilities as required. 

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