Tuas 3 Desalination Plant

The third desalination plant to be constructed in the Tuas area of Singapore, owned and operated by PUB, is expected to be completed and operational in 2017. The facility will add another 30 million gallons, or 136,000 cubic metres of water per day to the Singapore water supply. The facility extracts seawater, and removes salt and minerals to produce water suitable for human consumption or irrigation. 

LFF was awarded the contract for the supply of SS and SDSS piping materials following a competitive tender process, which included local suppliers, offering materials from European sources that met the projects tight schedule and technical requirements. The project was managed by LFF’s Perth office, with support provided by LFF’s European locations to ensure that the manufacturers being utilised kept to the strict schedule requirements. Completed materials were successfully managed and shipped to Singapore by LFF as part of the contract.

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