This project is an ultra-high pressure high temperature (UHP/HT) gas condensate development in the UK sector of the Central North Sea with Maersk being the majority shareholder and operator. It is a stand-alone development involving a three platform bridge linked concept. Production is scheduled to commence in 2019 and continue for at least 13 years. Estimated reserves are 250 - 300 million barrels of oil equivalent and it is expected to produce enough gas to meet 5% of total UK demand at peak production in 2020 / 21.

LFF were initially awarded the contract for the supply of HYCS clad flanges & swivels for the Subsea manifold and tie-in spools which was managed by our Aberdeen office with extensive support from our Italian based Group Engineering Manager to ensure the tight project specifications were met.

During the course of the order LFF in collaboration with the project proposed engineering solutions which resulted in Bulkheads, Hot Tap Tees, Adaptor Flanges and special Blind Flanges being added to the scope of work.

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