Bahr Essalam Phase II Development

The Bahr Essalam Gas and Condensate Field is owned and operated by Mellitah Oil & Gas (MOG), an equal joint venture between ENI, and National Oil Corporation (NOC), the Libian state owned oil company.The Field is located around 120 km North West of Tripoli in the Mediteranean Sea and contains 260 billion cubic meters (BCM) of gas.

Production started in 2005 as part of the Bahr Essalem Phase I project.  Phase II primarily involved the development of C Central A area and C East area, as well as upgrades to the Sabratha production platform. In C Central A area incorporated three wells, of which one was pre-drilled and the two undrilled wells were developed through a single cluster and connected the existing riser and J-tube of the existing Sabratha platform, whereas the CC09 pre-drill well was connected with a dedicated in-line tee preinstall on the existing gathering lines that connected the Western area’s subsea facilities to the Sabrath platform.

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