The MonArb Area Redevelopment Project (MAR) comprises redevelopment of the Montrose, Arbroath, Brechin, Arkwright, Carnoustie and Wood fields, and development of two new fields Cayley and Shaw. The two main fields, Montrose and Arbroath, are located in blocks 22/17 and 22/18 about 209km east of Aberdeen. The MAR project will extend the life expectancy of the existing six oilfields to 2030 to produce a further 100 million barrels of oil equivalent. A bridge-linked platform will be constructed and attached to the redeveloped Montrose Alpha Platform, which was originally installed in 1976. The bridge-link will measure 71m in length and weigh 350t.

LFF was contracted as the Frame Agreement Holder to supply the Greenfield (GF)  & Brownfield (BF) Projects with its total piping requirements . GF shipped to HFG Dutch Fabricator & BF consolidated and stored in our Aberdeen facility allowing Amec  to call off on a “as build “ basis. LFF introduced an innovative compensation matrix to the project ensuring optimum value for our client.

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